Blue Essence
Our Blue Essence 11" mattress includes an additional layer of high support memory foam.
  • 2" layer of Eco-based Gel Memory Foam
  • 2"-5# Hi Support Memory Foam
  • 1" Latex Enhanced Support Layer
  • 6"-1.8 High Density Foam
Swirl Gel  Foam - Stay Cool from Dusk till Dawn Environmentally freindly soy-based Eco-Gel Blue Lagoon offers the ideal balance of comfort and support. The soy-based gel foam will keep you cool while sleeping
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Therapedic Mattress
Savings $800.00  Queen Set
Compared To Serta's I - Comfort
Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark of Dan Foam A/S Corporation.
We do not sell Tempur-Pedic® mattresses. Any mention of their product is strictly for comparison purposes.

Serta I- Comfort is a registered trademark of Serta.
We do not sell Serta mattresses. Any mention of their product is for comparison purposes.

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Try our Essence Eco Gel Mattress and Enjoy
FREE White Glove Delivery and a 60 Day Risk Free Return Policy a $249.00 value
Discounted Eco Gel Mattress by Therapedic - 20 year Non Pro Rated Warranty
Find your sleep position and read the facts on a good nights sleep
Eco Gel Essence Mattress Review
Therapedic International has developed Eco Gel and Swirled it into the Memory Foam during the manufacturing
This process adds longevity - with less body impressions, in our Essence Eco Gel mattress, and offers a much
cooler night sleep.
The Blue Essence is the next generation Gel Memory Foam with the quality - support and comfort needed to satisfy
our most sleep sensitive customers.
Our Blue Essence mattress has additional layers of high support memory foam - Eco-based Gel Memory Foam And
a Latex Enhanced Support Layer not found in most Eco Gel mattresses.
The environmentally friendly Soy-Based EcoGel with its open cell design supports air and moisture movement
that will keep you cool from dusk to dawn.
Our Essence EcoGel mattress has the comfort and support needed to satisfy you if sleep on your back, side or
Our competitors Serta I-Comfort and Tempurpedic set the retail price of their mattresses - not allowing the retailer to
lower the selling price. This enables our company to bring you the same quality with substantial savings.
Buying On-Line has become the best way to purchase a new mattress, save money and receive the highest quality.
Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee enables you to have complete control over your purchase ... Totally Risk Free.
Purchase your new mattress set today and enjoy a restful supportive night sleep.

Call us ... And let us help you achieve the best night sleep –Ever.  Customer Care  888.883.7721
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Robert ... From Swansea, Illinois

Quality product at a very good price with Excellent Customer Service.
Price - Ease of purchase - Delivery - Customer Service all Excellent.
EcoGel Essence memory foam mattress.
Cathy B. L.I. New York  Essence EcoGel

I was very cautious about buying online …  had to call 3 times to satisfy my fears. Glad I
did … the mattress was delivered two days after what was promised but the comfort
and best night sleep made up for the delay …. I did not buy a new boxspring … over all a
great online experience … saved a lot of money!
Therapedic International
EcoGel Memory Foam

Therapedic International has developed Eco Gel and Swirled it into the Memory Foam during the manufacturing process which
not only adds longevity with less body impressions but now offers a much cooler nights sleep. The Blue Essence is a quality
mattress with just the support and comfort needed to satisfy our most comfort sensitive customers.

EcoGel® Mattress
Stay cool from dusk till dawn
Environmentally friendly soy-based EcoGel beds offer the ideal balance of comfort and support. The soy-based gel foam will
keep you cool from dusk to dawn.

Our EcoGel collection is made using a pre-polymer that is added and ‘swirled’ into the foam compound as it is made, giving
the product better adherence to the foam and resulting in greater gel coverage which keeps you cool and comfortable while
offering contouring and pressure relief.

The open cell design of the gel-memory foam supports air and moisture movement while improving blood flow and oxygen
exposure to skin cells. This technology allows for 30% better heat conductivity than any other foam product on the market.

Research shows the foam in the EcoGel mattresses improves pressure point relief and increases body support by up to
40%. The combination of the DynaFlow® Cooling Fabric, our exclusive air permeable fabric (designed to increase both the
breath ability and cooling effect) and the swirl gel-memory foam, allows our EcoGel beds to sleep cooler than traditional foam.
Even a slight increase in external temperatures can become so uncomfortable that it causes you to awaken.
The closer you can stay to your body’s natural ‘set point’, the more rested you will feel in the morning.

Sleep experts typically recommend keeping bedroom temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees
Fahrenheit. In reality, you should set your thermostat at whatever temperature comfortably helps you fall asleep
and stay asleep.

New BiOH® soy-based polyols help memory foam achieve better temperature regulation
Your mattress is, of course, another part of the sleep equation. Memory foam mattresses are popular because
they conform to your body’s shape, giving you maximum support, and helping to prevent tossing and turning
throughout the night. But foam is notorious for absorbing and holding onto body heat. In fact, some memory
foams rely on heat to stay soft.

Now there is a way to enjoy the benefits of memory foam mattresses while also sleeping cooler. Studies
show memory foams produced with a revolutionary new BiOH® Polyol dissipate heat more quickly, cooling off
15-40 percent faster than memory foams using infused gel technology. Foams made with BiOH® Polyols are
also less sensitive to temperature overall, so they stay softer at cooler temperatures.
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